Sue Papadoulis

As soon as I started,  I noticed less cravings and less appetite.  There was no longer any need for the sweet hit in the mid afternoon or at night, or even those cravings for carbs.  Since I started taking it I’ve lost 5 kgs (without exercise) and feel much healthier.  I have more energy in the evenings now and I have also stayed healthy, whereas during the winter just gone I had several doses of colds of flu. 

 Everyone wants to know my secret!

Walter Joseph, Perth W.A.

Dear Mr. Charlick,
I am taking this opportunity to simply say “ Thank You Very Much”.
I was really pleased to have heard about your specialised and focussed work in the weight reduction / management areas.
I was most impressed on learning about all the very valuable research over so many years, product development, testing, monitoring the results, obtaining valuable feedback from users of the product.
I am certainly surprised that the retail market has not heard or come across the great benefits of your Weight Reduction program.
I must admit I was a little sceptical before I had actually tried your program.
The reason being, I had heard off and tried many of the advertised weight reduction products and programmes over many years.
None of them provided the immediate and ongoing satisfaction I was looking for, so gave up my quest in disgust.
However, on starting your weight reduction program, I am pleased to report that I lost 2.5 kgs. In the first two and half days of taking the product.
I have been trying to lose weight for a long while, so I am sure if I follow your short and long term programmes, I will soon reach my desired weight.
I am also pleased to report that I experience less hunger, more energy during course of each day and do not dose off to sleep in the afternoons and while watching TV.
I am also getting undisturbed sleep at night, which is really relaxing and refreshing in the mornings.
The initial side effects are nil and I am looking forward to a more energised life.
Once again : “Thank You”


I have been on the John Charlick Method “or close to it” for 7 weeks now. I lost 10 kg in the first 4 weeks without difficulty (I was 20-25 kg over weight). I definitely have had a significant increase in
my energy levels. My hunger has not been too bad – late afternoons possibly the exception. Over the last 3 weeks (Xmas and a Birthday weekends), I put 3 kg back on twice and have just today got back to my
pre Xmas weight. I have found the The Charlick Method an easy way to change my lifestyle to improve……

Keith Berridge, Perth W.A.

My name is Keith. I am almost 70 years old. I accept that my weight is totally my responsibility.
I have a wonderful cost effective discovery with the The John Charlick Method.
So far I have lost well over 25 kilos. I have new energy, new life, new vigour and admiration, like never before. I also have a strong sense of well being.
All my progress has been monitored by my G.P. I endorse John Charlick who has an outstanding knowledge of the human body and our ability to reverse issues that concern so many of us.