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Terms & Conditions.

Section 1. The BodyBuz Famous Fat Buy Back Guarantee (The Guarantee) is subject to the following conditions:

 1.01 The Claimant Must be Overweight to Start With.

The person must be overweight by at least 2 kg at the start of the 2 week Claim Period. The Claim Period is the period of time during which the claimant did not lose 2 kg or more of weight and is making a Claim for financial compensation as a result of not losing weight as guaranteed by Famous Fat Buy Back Guarantee.

Overweight is defined by body mass index (BMI) calculations at http://www.heartfoundation.org.au/healthy-eating/Pages/bmi-calculator.aspx and in the event this site is not available then other scientifically acceptable BMI scales shall apply;

1.02 Compliance to The Charlick Method.

The claimant must have followed The Charlick Method as listed at http://thecharlickmethod.com/charlick-method.

The Charlick Method supports rapid weight loss, with or without the consumption of MetaBuz™. MetaBuz™ does not cause weight loss. It is a food and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition and/or weight loss. The Guarantee only applies if Metabuz™ has been purchased at retail prices.

 1.03 Reasonable Endeavour.

The claimant must make every reasonable endeavour to follow The Charlick Method.

 1.04 Phone support. 

As part of “reasonable endeavour” the claimant must have contacted BodyBuz and received phone support for at least 7 days of the claim period.

1.05 Diary.

The person must submit a supporting diary for the 2 week period including a log of foods and beverages eaten each day.

 1.06 Claim Period.

The 2 week claim period must be within 4 weeks of MetaBuz™ product being despatched.

 1.07 Claim form.

The person must fill out an official claim form available from BodyBuz and submit it for processing.

 1.08 Limit of One Claim Per Person Per Lifetime.

The guarantee can only be claimed one time in a person’s life and if it is claimed then BodyBuz has the right not to supply further product to the claimant. In the event that product is supplied after a successful Fat Buy Back Claim then no future claims can be made. If the claimant misrepresents the facts in order to unfairly qualify for monetary compensation, then this is criminal fraud.

1.09 Intent.

The Fat Buy back Guarantee is intended to make The Charlick Method financially risk free for the purchaser and to provide some compensation in the event that rapid weight loss does not occur. It also allows BodyBuz to better understand the performance and limitations of The Charlick Method by a continual quality improvement known as Kaizen.

 1.10 Enforceablility.

This guarantee does not obviate, replace or override  any other consumer protection laws in any jurisdiction in Australia. Any dispute shall be ultimately resolved under the laws of Western Australia.

Section II. Terms of Use of This Website.

2.01 Scope

We and BodyBuz means BodyBuz Alternative and Complementary Medical Solutions a registered business of Biological Control Systems Pty Ltd. Customers should note that they are subject to the governing Terms & Conditions below.

These Terms & Conditions exist without exception, and make up part of the agreement to www.thecharlickmethod website. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the given Terms & Conditions without notice, and as such, ask that customers review the Terms & Conditions each time they use the thecharlickmethod website.

 2.02 Copyright

This website and its content is copyright of BodyBuz and its parent company Biological Control Systems Pty Ltd. All rights reserved as defined in the Copyright Act 1968 and proceeding amendments to the Act including the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000, Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000, US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act 2004, and Copyright Amendment Act 2006.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following:
you may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal and non commercial use only
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You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

The BodyBuz Copyright Policy equally applies to BodyBuz Affiliates and Resellers in as much express written permission is required before using any of the information may be copied rewritten, distributed or commercially exploited.

BodyBuz reserves the right to cancel any permissions granted at any time at which point you agree to cease immediately the use and distribution of all information, images, brochures, logos, etc under the BodyBuz™ Copyright Policy

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