Is there a dietary plan?

There is a healthy eating plan with a list of recommended foods and when and how much to eat them. The green book and web site provides guidelines. As with all lifestyle changes seek medical advice first.

The Charlick Method

How do I lose weight as quick as possible?

Firstly, medical advice should always be sought before starting any weight loss program. This includes The Charlick Method. Your qualified health practitioner will advise you on what is a safe amount of weight you can lose within a short period of time and the best way for you to achieve your desired weight loss.

If you chose to use The Charlick Method to help you reach your weight loss goals it is possible to lose between 0.2 – 0.6 kg per day.

Pre loading phase…on day 3 it says to have prebiotic foods…onion and leek. These foods cause excruciating gas pain. What alternative do you suggest?

These are suggested because they are easy to obtain. Please google and do some research. There are plenty of options. Here is a starting place to research https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prebiotic_(nutrition)

Is The Charlick Method a detox plan?

The Charlick Method is a health eating plan that supports weight loss. Please refer to the web site, and the green booklet for more information. We make no health or medical claims about The Charlick Method. For health and medical issues please consult your health professional

Is the loss meant to be gradual, DAILY, as have experienced a plateau for the last 3 days?

Everyone is different. The rate of weight loss depends on the status of your health, digestive system, how much you follow The Charlick Method and other factors.

Finally re the Weight Loss Phase (2) it says stay on this until “recommended BMI weight or 14 days, whichever is first”. Why 14 days? Surely just until one reaches BMI…or do you have to pre-load up every 14 days, as in one step back and two steps forward.

This is a precaution. Everyone is different. If you are feeling well and not feeling a lack of energy, then there is probably no harm in continuing. We have received no negative reports at the time of writing.  Check with your treating health professional.

My husband has lost 10kg in 5 weeks but why is he drinking 2-3 litres of water each day?

Q. My husband has been following The Charlick Method  for 5 weeks and has lost 10kg – great outcome – but I am questioning how thirsty he is – drinking 2-3 litres of water throughout the day and night – have you heard of this from any one else?


A.  Water consumption is a very tricky area and scientific opinion is divided as to how much water one should drink.

The evidence about water consumption is equivocal i.e. uncertain. Same say to drink on demand and others say a certain amount each day. There are lots of opinions and articles but no clear answer.

Let’s assume that the human body is 80% water and that varies between tissue types. Bone would presumably have less water content than fat. So if a person  losing 2 kg of weight each week, perhaps 80% of that weight loss would be water. So it is not as simple as the amount of water that goes in and the amount that comes out.

A healthy human body carefully self-regulates water content for a whole range of reasons, including factors such as:

  • water is essential and is involved in many important biochemical pathways
  • the amount of water in the body also effects the concentration of a whole range of biochemicals in the body which are usually maintained within narrow ranges in healthy people.

The short answer to your question, is I don’t know.

Please seek medical advice from your treating health professional.

Today I reached 2kg loss, in 3 days!! Very excited! I do get very hungry late afternoon, do you have any suggestions on what I can do to aleviate this?

Yes –  things like exercise, milk whey powder, certain spices and herbs and others are known to reduce hunger for most people. Processed foods often increase hunger.